To Ukraine to study


Studying abroad is an honorable matter and a source of pride, especially since the university degree issued by foreign universities or institutes gives its holder more knowledge and experience that the student acquires through contact with experts from other foreign countries and getting acquainted with their scientific innovations. Knowing the cultural, social and economic characteristics of other countries has become indispensable in our contemporary dynamic world in which companies are no longer closed in on themselves or confined to their internal markets. The world has become a small village whose keys are in your hands, so do not close yourself in the local circle! There are currently about 75,000 foreign students studying in Ukrainian institutes, universities and academies that train and graduate bachelors, experts and masters with more than 400 specializations, among which there is the specialization that you are undoubtedly dreaming of.


In this article, we will learn about the most important steps and guidelines for studying in Ukraine and getting a seat for the 2020/2021 academic season.


1. the conditions


The higher education system in Ukraine He believes in granting the student the right to choose the major he desires regardless of his high school diploma or the type of his diploma or if it has language evidence such as IELTS or TOEFL, so we will find that the choice is available for you to get your academic seat in the major in which you will innovate without any conditions or Obstacles and you are eligible to register as soon as you have the following documents:


  • A valid passport
  • General secondary certificate with a pass rate


The simplicity of these conditions and the introduction of the cheapest European study price enabled Ukraine to become a distinct destination for foreign students globally, and it is among the top 10 destinations for foreign students in the world.

الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021



2. Rendering


Application period to study in Ukraine


The Law of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Ukraine allows state educational institutions to receive foreign students to study in Ukraine for the bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees twice during the academic year, and students are registered and study sessions are opened during these dates every year:


  • Summer period: It extends from 07/15 (July) to 11/1 (November) of each year
  • Winter period: extending from 01/01 (January) to 03/01 (March) of each year


While the registration is open throughout the year for students Preparatory Year Students can join the academic seats during any period they wish.


Application requirements


  • A copy of a valid passport whose validity period is not less than one year
  • الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021
  • A copy of a high school diploma with a success rate with a transcript of degrees in the certificate, explained in English or French


How to apply


The Ran Ukraine team provides several easy ways, whereby you can submit the registration request, and you can choose the appropriate method for you and send the above-mentioned registration documents to the work team:



Processing the request


The work team will confirm your application, complete the registration process, and issue a study invitation to study in Ukraine within 3 working days. You will be informed directly of the success of the registration process through the communication method you have chosen.


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021
Number of registration requests for the year 2019



3. Academic majors


Ukraine offers a wide range of world-leading study majors with more than 400 degree majors
Educational: preparatory year, bachelors degree, masters and doctorate degrees


These majors are taught in the language Ukrainian And language English A preparatory year study in the Ukrainian language is required if you want to study in the country's language, the Ukrainian language
While it is possible to enroll directly in the first year in the English language if choosing to study in the English language, so that the preparatory year remains only an optional year


There are no requirements for entering any of the majors and it is available for all students applying to study in Ukraine


You can view the list of majors in full details via the following link Here
You can also learn about a program Preparatory Year Via the following link Here


4. the prices


Take care Ukraine To provide tuition prices that are considered the cheapest in Europe while maintaining the standards of higher and modern education signed by Ukraine in Bologna Agreement The European Union, which guarantees the quality of education and the accreditation of Ukrainian certificates internationally and within the European Union, for example, a student can study medicine in the English language at the internationally renowned Krazen University, which is more than 200 years old, starting from 4000 American $. Other


See Price list for studying in Ukraine for the season 2020/2021 in US dollars
Study prices are in Saudi riyals
Study prices are in UAE dirhams
The study prices are in Egyptian pounds
Study prices are in Moroccan dirhams
Study prices are in Kuwaiti dinars



5. Housing and living


Study tools
The prices of study tools are very low in Ukraine, and the student can get what he needs from notebooks, pens and stationery at a cost that does not exceed 10$ annually


Most universities in Ukraine have their own libraries, and universities now provide an electronic curriculum that allows the student to download it to his mobile device or computer, and this exempts him from any additional fees.


The cost of buying good quality jeans costs between 10-20 dollars, the cost of buying a shirt is between 5- 15 dollars, while the cost of buying a T-shirt is 5-12 dollars.


Food products in Ukraine are the cheapest in Europe, and the student can maintain a low expense if avoiding restaurants in abundance, so that the student can use 5 dollars to buy 8 kilograms of potatoes or 6 kilograms of onions or buy 5 liters of milk, while we also find that the prices Meat is low, with chicken and beef prices ranging between 3 - 5 US dollars, and it is possible to buy a large amount of bread for less than one dollar.


Moving within cities
The student can purchase a pre-loaded card to travel on buses, trams and metro, at a cost not exceeding $ 20 per month


Traveling within the country
The student card that students obtain from the Ukrainian Ministry of Higher Education allows discounts between 20 - 30% on buses and trains for travel within the country.


International travel
The student can also obtain, through his university, an international student card, which gives him discounts up to 30 % on airline tickets and a number of international hotels


A detailed statement of the cost of living in the local currency of Ukraine


exchange rate


1 U.S. dollar = 24.6 UA hryvnia

The exchange rate is as of 01/15/2020




الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


One-time ticket
(Local transport)
$ 0.17


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Monthly card
(Regular price)
8.69 dollars


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Less fee, taxi distance
(Normal tariff)
$ 1.34


Communications and Internet in Ukraine (per month)


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


1 minute. From
Mobile tariff with prepaid cards
0.03 dollars


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Internet (20 GB, speed 80 MB / s
Unlimited data for WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger)
$ 3.52


Sports and leisure


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Fitness club
(Monthly fee)
$ 15.58


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Tennis court rental (1 hour)
$ 7.86


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


(Ticket price)
$ 3.05




الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Meal, inexpensive,
$ 4.26


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Meal for two,
Mid-range restaurant
$ 16.75


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Meal menu in
$ 2.51


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


(0.33 liter)
$ 0.30


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


$ 0.82




الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


full-fat milk ,
(1 liter)
0.56 dollars


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Piece of bread
Fresh white bread (500g)
$ 0.32


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Eggs (12)
$ 1.01


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Local cheese
(1 kg)
$ 4.15


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


(1 kg)
$ 3.77


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


(1 kg)
$ 0.78


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


(1 kg)
$ 1.28


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


(1 kg)
$ 1.29


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Water (1.5 liters
0.42 dollars


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Rice (white)
(1 kg)
$ 0.99


Monthly rental rates


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Apartment (1 bedroom) with kitchen and bathroom
In the city center
$ 288.15




Apartment (one bedroom) with kitchen and bathroom
Outside the city center
$ 173.17


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Apartment (3 bedrooms) with kitchen and two bathrooms
In the city center
$ 561.64


الدراسة في أوكرانيا 2021


Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside the city center
$ 329.73




Frequently asked questions about studying in Ukraine


What is the cost of studying in Ukraine

The cost of living in Ukraine ranges between 200 - 350 dollars on average to cover housing, food, books and transportation expenses, the costs of specialties in Ukrainian universities Reasonably low, starting from 1,800 $ to 2,500 $ for engineering majors while medical majors are available at 4,000 $ per year.

Is Ukraine good to study?

Ukraine has universities with a high international ranking, and most universities are well-established universities that are more than 100 years old with a very qualified teaching and teaching staff. For example, 3 graduates of the Krazen National University in Kharkov have won on various occasions the Nobel Prize in physics as well as mathematics, so there are now more than 70 thousand Foreign students in Ukraine obtain higher education and internationally accredited certificates at the cheapest European prices.

Can I study and work in Ukraine?

Work is possible while studying in Ukraine on the condition of obtaining a work permit and temporary residence to officially work. In 2018, the average salary for students in Kiev was 300 $ per month for a full-time job, so it will not be easy for you to earn money during the busy study schedule.

What are the requirements for obtaining a student visa in Ukraine?

Requirements for Ukrainian embassies and vfs visa centers to obtain a student visa are as follows:
1- Visa application form - at the embassy.
2. The original valid passport.
3.3 photos (3 x 4 cm)
4- The original copy of the study invitation.
5- Medical health certificate *
6. HIV / AIDS findings *
7. Completed higher and / or secondary education certificate *

What is the student visa fee for Ukraine (visa)?

The fee paid to the Embassy account for the visa is an American 176$.

Is Ukraine safe for international students?

Yes, Ukraine is one of the safest countries for foreign students and it witnesses the least number of accidents and problems in Eastern Europe. The people of Ukraine are friendly, open and welcoming, so the study experience in this country will be of the best possible.

Is registration open for the 2020/2021 academic season?

Yes, registration continues until March 1, 2020, then registration will reopen on June 1, 2020.

When does the registration for studying in the preparatory year in Ukraine close?

Registration is continuous throughout the year for the preparatory year, and you can submit your application at any time.


Statistics about studying in Ukraine:




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